PUBG includes two more PUBG Continental Series competitions


Notwithstanding changes coming to PUBG as a major aspect of Update 7.3, PUBG has likewise reported further insights concerning the following period of PUBG Esports. PUBG Corporation is following up on May’s energizing PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Continental Series Charity Showdown with PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Continental Series 1 and 2.

The PCS was presented in April as a rotate to the PUBG esports circuit for 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic broke out over the world, and esports rivalries had to adjust by returning to the beginning of esports with online-just competitions.

The PCS 1 Grand Finals, which will happen from June 25 – July 5, will see 16 groups fight it out across four days of serious rivalry through the span of about fourteen days. Every day will include five matches across Erangel and Miramar as the groups fight it out for a lot of each local occasion’s $200,000 USD prize pool. Selective things will be sold in-game during the PCS, with 25% of the benefits from the things circulated back to genius groups.

PCS 1 and 2 will likewise stamp the arrival of the Pick’Em Challenge, permitting players on PC and comfort to figure which group will rule at each territorial occasion. On the off chance that a pick wins, fans will have the chance to bring home victor level computerized plunder. PC fans can partake in the Pick’Em Challenge from June 17 to July 2 while reassure fans can take an interest from June 23 to July 2.

The principal portion of the PCS was the Charity Showdown, which included groups contending from the four serious worldwide districts of North America, Europe, APAC, and Asia with continues going to COVID-19 help.

Game Updates

Notwithstanding all the PUBG Esports news, there are likewise numerous updates coming soon with Update 7.3. Update 7.3 presents a full menu of personal satisfaction upgrades and a couple of improvements to interactivity that should have any kind of effect in PUBG going ahead. These updates and more will be accessible for PC Test Servers on June 10, trailed by their official PC dispatch on June 17 and June 23 for support players.

Players can anticipate a couple of noteworthy changes with C4 utility and vehicle harm making a move to more authenticity. The clingy hazardous would now be able to be tossed and accompanies a perilous 25 meter harm sweep. The battlegrounds are somewhat less protected now players will hurl C4 around.

Vehicles that are trimmed down to zero hit focuses, rather than taking hazardous harm from Redzones or the previously mentioned C4, will no longer detonate right away. Rather, clients will have a couple of moments to escape after a four-wheeled vehicle (pontoons and bikes aren’t changing) hits 0 HP, loses motor force, and detonates.


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