Lenovo Yoga C640 audit: a definitive PC for understudies?


There’s no compelling reason to spend over a thousand bucks on your next PC. That is particularly obvious in case you’re an undergrad or somebody who favors Office applications. Lenovo obviously concurs, as its new $600 Yoga C640 is focused on explicitly at that segment. That is a strong alluring cost for a PC that presents not many trade offs.

In contrast to its bold antecedent, the Yoga C640 is a dependable Intel PC, pressing a tenth gen Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD. Has Lenovo caused the best PC you to can purchase at this cost? The Yoga C640 flaunts an all-aluminum development that gives a false representation of its spending valuing. There’s a smidgen of flex in the console plate and base of the suspension, and none on the top. It doesn’t exactly satisfy the assemble nature of some other Yoga models, similar to the significantly more costly Yoga C930.

The top can nearly be opened with one hand, with only a smidgen of erosion lifting the undercarriage base off the outside of the work area. In any case, this is a 360-degree convertible 2-in-1, which means the presentation swings around from clamshell to tent, media, and tablet modes. The tight pivot works superbly of keeping the showcase set up in every one of these modes.

In the same way as other Yogas today, the tasteful is genuinely traditionalist. It’s a gunmetal dim shading with zero bling; you won’t discover a join of chrome on the PC, other than a little fix that encompasses the logo. It won’t catch everyone’s eye, particularly not contrasted with PCs like HP’s jewel cut Specter x360 13, which shouts “see me!

The equivalent is genuine when it’s contrasted with the $560 HP Pavilion x360, which isn’t as refined and trim as the Yoga C640. The Yoga C640 isn’t the littlest 13-inch PC around. In any case, the bezels aren’t enormous, however they’re not as little as you’ll discover on the Specter x360 13 or the Dell XPS 13. That makes the case somewhat bigger than those of minuscule 13-inch PCs.

The Yoga C640 is very flimsy, however. It estimates 0.67 inches thick, which is indistinguishable from the Specter x360 and just marginally thicker than the XPS 13. The Yoga C640 weighs 2.98 pounds contrasted with the HP at 2.88 pounds and the Dell at 2.8 pounds. It thinks about well in convenientce to these very good quality workstations, in spite of being a lot less expensive. The Yoga C640 gets a similar sort of security screen for the webcam that embellishes the ThinkPad line.

This one is named the TrueBlock Privacy Shutter and it works likewise — simply slide it over to genuinely hinder the webcam. I incline toward HP’s catch on the Specter x360 13 that electronically kills the webcam, leaving nothing in the framework for programmers to get to in the event that you need to kill the 720p webcam. Network is average in any event, for a financial plan ultralight. There are two USB-A 3.1 ports, a USB-C 3.1 port, and a 3.5mm sound jack. There’s no Thunderbolt 3 port — not that we anticipate one at this cost — and no microSD card peruser, which is disillusioning.

Remote network is likewise a stage behind at Wi-Fi 5 (as opposed to the more current Wi-Fi 6 norm) and Bluetooth 5.0. In the event that you like the commonplace Lenovo Yoga console, at that point you’ll adore the one on the Yoga C640. Like consistently, it has a lot of separating and a fresh system. The movement is excessively shallow for my preferences, however I reliably hit about 90% of my typical 90 words every moment or something like that. I despite everything lean toward the HP Specter x360’s console, and the new Magic Keyboard on the most current Apple MacBooks is my outright top pick. The touchpad functions admirably as well, on account of Microsoft Precision Touchpad drivers and a smooth and agreeable surface.

It is anything but a huge touchpad, however it takes up a large portion of the accessible space beneath the console for a cutting edge, productive structure. Similarly as with every one of the 2-in-1s, the presentation is contact empowered and as exact true to form. Lenovo has worked in help for its dynamic pen with 4,096 degrees of weight affectability (the pen itself is a $69 choice).

That is adequate at this value point, and keeping in mind that I didn’t get an opportunity to test inking on the Yoga C640, I speculate it will be in the same class as it on the remainder of the Yoga line. Windows 10 Hello secret key less login support is given by a unique finger impression peruser on the upper-right of the console deck.

It’s precise and very quick — I never needed to rehash a swipe to sign into the Yoga C640. By and by, Lenovo has incorporated an important element with a pleasantly evaluated PC. One region where spending workstations regularly miss the mark is show quality.

What’s more, that bodes well — makers need to reduce expenses some place to fit into a spending value run. After so much uplifting news with the Yoga C640, I moved toward the presentation test with some anxiety. For reasons unknown, I needn’t have been concerned.

As indicated by my colorimeter, Lenovo picked a normal showcase — that is, a normal presentation for premium workstations. For a $600 PC, it’s incredible. Hues weren’t especially wide at 73% of AdobeRGB and 96% of sRGB, however they’re sufficient for everything except the most requesting photograph and video editors.

Differentiation was awesome at 1040:1, which is over our favored 1000:1 edge, and shading precision was extraordinary for a spending PC at 1.07 (anything under 1.0 is viewed as incredible).

The ZenBook 13 UX333’s showcase had somewhat more hues and difference, however the Yoga’s presentation was progressively precise, however neither would please innovative experts. Brilliance was its shortcoming point at 242 nits. I like to see shows hit at any rate 300 nits for good visuals in splendidly lit conditions.

In any case, the Yoga C640’s presentation is wonderful for both profitability work and viewing Netflix. The last was made increasingly charming by sound that, however short on bass of course, was uproarious and clear and highlighted clear mids and highs.

You’ll need to connect earphones for the best music quality, however you can flip the presentation around and appreciate some Netflix gorging without stressing over joining any outer sound.

When changing from the Qualcomm 650 ARM CPU of the C730 to an Intel Core processor, you can anticipate a jump in execution. The double center Core i3 is the section level model in Intel’s present Core arrangement, not exactly satisfying the guideline four centers you find in premium PCs. Be that as it may, it runs Windows 10 quicker than an ARM CPU and doesn’t surrender similarity with inheritance work area applications and peripherals.

I was unable to do a very remarkable direct target correlation between the two processors in light of the fact that not the entirety of our benchmarks run on ARM. I ran Geekbench 4 on the Yoga C640 and it multiplied the Yoga C630’s exhibition on the single-center test and was over 30% quicker on the multi-center test.

The Core i3’s score of 4,670 single-center and 8,750 multi-center puts it well behind the following degree of Core CPU, the Core i5, which scores more than 15,000 on the multi-center test. A PC like the Lenovo Yoga C740 outfitted with the Core i5 is essentially quicker on all the more requesting outstanding tasks at hand and performing multiple tasks.

The Yoga C640 took practically 6.5 minutes to finish our Handbrake test that changes over a 4K 420MB video to H.265. The Yoga C740 completed 2 minutes quicker. Our past spending pioneer PC, the Asus ZenBook UX333, completed in generally a similar time with its eighth gen Core i5. Get the job done to say that this passage level Yoga C640 isn’t made for running substantial applications.

While it’s a long way from the quickest PC I’ve tried, I discovered it bounty speedy for my standard work. For ordinary office laborers and understudies, the Yoga C640 will be bounty quick to stay aware of their work. Remember, however, that for just $170 more, you can move up to a 1oth-gen quad-center Core i5 and a 256GB SSD, keeping up the PC’s spending perspective while altogether expanding the exhibition and capacity. That puts it about $100 not exactly the similarly prepared (eighth gen) ZenBook UX333.

Note that in case you’re a gamer, this isn’t the PC for you. You’re constrained to Intel UHD designs, which will let you play more seasoned titles at lower goals and graphical detail however will gag on anything present day.

Next up is battery life, the essential quality of the Yoga C640’s forerunner. The current year’s model is as yet outfitted with a similar 60 watt-long stretches of battery life and sports a CPU that — on paper — may be less productive. I was, subsequently, anticipating perceiving how it analyzed in our standard battery tests.

The outcomes were entrancing. To start with, in our requesting Basemark web benchmark test that burdens the CPU, the Yoga C640 endured around 3.5 hours, a normal score for a Windows 10 PC. The Yoga C630 went on for right around 9 hours, a staggering score. It was more slow running the benchmark, however it shows that ARM CPUs can taste power even while being focused. The ZenBook 13 UX333 went on for just about 5 hours on this test, making it a more extended enduring choice for requesting work.

In our web-perusing test, which is a decent marker of general efficiency life span, the Yoga C640 kept going about 10.5 hours, an hour behind the Yoga C630. Once more, the Yoga C640 scored well for a Windows 10 PC — it demolishes the Acer Swift 3’s 8 hours, for instance — however it’s not in an alternate class altogether. It’s the point at which I ran our video test that circles a 1080p Avengers trailer until the battery gave out that the Yoga C640 stunned me. It ran for a little more than 23 hours, the best score we’ve found in this test. That even beat the over the top expensive Dell Latitude 7400, our past pioneer, by an entire 80 minutes.

The end: on the off chance that you need to watch video on the Yoga C640, you’ll have the option to do as such for just about a whole 24 hours, which is wonderful. In the event that you’re accomplishing standard profitability work, at that point you’ll get an entire day’s worth of effort out of the PC.


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