HP Elite Dragonfly survey: an excellent, minimized PC not only for business clients


The HP Elite Dragonfly is making a solid case to be probably the best window workstations existing apart from everything else. With a perfectly all around planned undercarriage, a console that is a delight to type on and a dazzling presentation, and some top-level specs, it will take some beating.

Apparently intended for business types, it’s really an extraordinary PC for anybody – or possibly any individual who can manage the cost of it, since the entirety of this clean and force doesn’t come modest. Indeed, even at its superior cost however, we’d state you’re receiving bounty as a byproduct of your cash.

As Windows has gotten progressively flexible, we’ve seen a more extensive scope of gadgets running the OS: tablets that transform into workstations, 2-in-1s that overlay directly finished, and even double screen gadgets. This is fundamentally a PC, yet it carries out twofold responsibility as a 2-in-1 in the event that you need it to.

That implies the magnificent looking showcase creases directly over against the console when essential. It’s not useful, however you can utilize it as a tablet, at a push; you can likewise prop it up in a tent mode on the off chance that you need to kick back and appreciate some Netflix or YouTube recordings.

The HP Elite Dragonfly PC does truly well to pack a 13.3-inch (1,920 x 1,080 pixel) show into a PC so minimized thus light (the base unit weighs in at only 990 grams or 2.18 pounds). You could easily heft this around in one hand for an all-encompassing timeframe, which isn’t the situation with numerous business-centered PCs we’ve seen previously.

That show is brilliant, striking and sharp, with bezels you’ll scarcely see: regardless of whether you’re driving through lines of spreadsheets or watching films, it’s a fabulous screen. You can increase the presentation to a 4K goals, in the event that you need (and you have some additional money to save). Sound is nothing extraordinary, however it’ll accomplish for what you need it for, except if you’re contemplating running a little disco with it.

The magnesium-based, dim blue frame is a delight to take a gander at and to deal with, and the composing experience is a standout amongst other we’ve run over as well. The trackpad can’t exactly coordinate the console as far as quality and affectability, yet it’s fine, and each and every individual who got a brief look at the HP Elite Dragonfly PC while we had it was dazzled. The white console backdrop illumination hits the spot too.

In spite of the entirety of this style, the PC is sturdy as well, passing US military norms for strength as per HP. Without a doubt, it’s light and smooth, and yet you don’t should be apprehensive about removing it from your work area. The unique mark sensor incorporated with the console gives you another biometric login choice other than the Windows Hello facial acknowledgment offered by the webcam (which has its own security shade, coincidentally).

You can get the HP Elite Dragonfly with an assortment of specs ready, however the survey PC we had – Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB of interior stockpiling – essentially cruised through all that we could toss at it. Except if you’re doing genuine gaming or video altering (which you wouldn’t be on a screen this size), the PC will have enough force for you to say the least.

On the off chance that you are enthusiastic about utilizing the PC as a tablet (and we thought that it was somewhat cumbersome for this), you get a pointer remembered for the case to give your fingers a rest. You get two USB-A ports, two Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports, an earphone jack and a HDMI out attachment around the sides, a great number of extension ports for something so smooth generally speaking.

There’s even the alternative for 4G availability on the HP Elite Dragonfly, in the event that you slip in a SIM card – that is another component that is certain to engage business clients, as it implies you can remain associated and continue working while you’re on the train or in the lodging entryway, past the scope of open Wi-Fi systems (which most likely won’t merit wasting time with in any case).

A yell out too for the battery life, which is phenomenal – we put this through a 12-hour workday it despite everything had some juice left toward the end. It’s not the kind of PC that will make them chase for a force block part of the way through the evening, and in case you’re not on it constantly, it’ll last you well into a few days.

We truly delighted in getting the HP Elite Dragonfly through its paces during out testing – it’s a fantasy to type on, remains calm in activity, is anything but difficult to haul around, and flaunts a presentation that truly sticks out (regardless of whether you’re looking through website pages or focusing in on high-goals photographs).

t’s unquestionably the looks, the completion and the daintiness that make the PC deserving of your consideration, particularly when you consider this is a gadget pointed principally at business clients. It overflows style and feels premium being used, and afterward you can add to that the awesome specs and the incredible battery life on offer.

There are a couple of classifications where the HP Elite Dragonfly is simply acceptable as opposed to awesome – the designs, the sound, the trackpad – however actually these are minor disturbances that don’t reduce much based on what’s a great generally bundle. Any individual who needs a PC that scores exceptionally for versatility ought to be investigating this.

The main other factor that may put a few people off is the value: check the gadgets on this page for the most recent arrangements, yet the HP Elite Dragonfly begins at around £1,600 in the UK for the base spec. That is going to put it past the scope of a specific segment of the market, yet on the off chance that this is a PC inside your spending plan, we’d propose giving it some genuine thought when it’s an ideal opportunity to update.


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