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August 27, 2020 Instructions to redesign your PS4 hard drive to 4TB

Instructions to redesign your PS4 hard drive to 4TB

more At the point when the PlayStation 4 was first discharged, 500GB of capacity appeared to be sufficient. It before long turned out not to be, be that as it may, with game document sizes growing at a reasonable pace of bunches. Take, for instance, Red Dead Redemption 2, which requires a mammoth 99GB of extra room whether you have the computerized download form or game on circle. Furthermore, on the off chance that you do pick to download it, you’ll need to locate an extra 50GB for the establishment procedure. That doesn’t leave a lot of room on your default drive for some different games. We check 1,000s of costs on 1,000s of retailers to get you the most minimal new value we can discover.


Peruse progressively here. Regardless of whether you have the improved form of the PS4 or the PS4 Pro, each with 1TB drives, they will battle. Furthermore, even with the quickest web speeds accessible, you won’t have any desire to erase and reinstall games time and again. Fortunately, there are two choices for expanding the extra room on your PS4 or PS4 Pro. One is blindingly basic, the other somewhat increasingly entangled. The two of them work viably however and aren’t excessively exorbitant. The easy way:

How to grow your PS4 drive by means of an outside USB 3.0 HDD The least demanding approach to build the capacity of your PS4, regardless of whether it be the first model, 2016 invigorate or a PS4 Pro, is to include a USB 3.0 hard drive to your arrangement. Any USB 3.0 drive will carry out the responsibility and the PS4 bolsters drives up to 8TB in size. POCKET-LINTExternal PS4 hard drive picture 2 We picked a committed PS4 release of the Seagate Game Drive with 4TB of space.

It’s incredible incentive at under £100 and is intended to coordinate the PS4 impeccably. Another extraordinary option is a WD_Black P10 Game Drive, which is explicitly intended for gamers and costs just somewhat more for up to 5TB. POCKET-LINTExternal PS4 hard drive picture 3 Whichever you pick, to get it work with your PS4, simply plug it into any of the three USB 3.0 ports. We picked one of the back ports to fold it off the beaten path. POCKET-LINTExternal PS4 hard drive picture 6 You at that point need to make a beeline for the Settings menu so as to organize the drive to function as outside stockpiling.

Head to Devices, at that point USB Storage Devices. You should see your new drive recorded on the following screen. POCKET-LINTExternal PS4 hard drive picture 8 Snap on it and you will be taken to a page with a crate that says “Arrangement and Extended Storage”. Snap on that, sit tight for a brief timeframe and bingo, the drive is prepared to utilize. The PS4 will consequently set your outer drive to be the default to introduce games on. POCKET-LINTExternal PS4 hard drive picture 9 On the off chance that you need to utilize your inward drive rather, return into the Settings menu, head to Storage and press Options. You will have the choice to pick between the inside and outer drive as the game establishment area.

Another approach to extend the capacity of your PS4 is to supplant the hard drive inside the machine. It’s not as convoluted as it sounds and could be perfect on the off chance that you, state, need to include a strong state drive for speedier access. You should take at any rate some portion of the comfort separated. Sony makes it extremely basic for you, yet you will in any case discover the procedure a little wordy. The simple part however is picking a drive. POCKET-LINThow to redesign your ps4 hard drive to 4tb or more picture 7 The PS4 utilizes a 2.5-inch SATA HDD, the kind of which you’ll discover in a PC. Be that as it may, no old 2.5-inch drive will work.

To fit a PS4 it should be no more noteworthy than 9.5mm inside and out or it will be too enormous for the hard drive nook cabinet. There are some out there that will meet the determinations, at around the £50 mark. We decided on a Western Digital WD10JPVX – a more seasoned 5400RPM Blue drive with a 7mm profundity which fits pleasantly – however there are a lot of later SATA III other options. Pocket-build up plants a further 1,000 trees with Resideo You can even select a SSD/HDD crossover drive, for example, the 1TB Seagate FireCuda gaming drive that is accessible on Amazon UK. Some have likewise proposed unadulterated SSD counterparts, which increase load speeds significantly, however can be restrictively costly in case you’re attempting to expand capacity instead of psychologist it. The set-up Introducing a PS4 hard drive is significantly additional tedious than expanding the capacity by means of an outside arrangement.

The PS4 will take more to get ready for action, which incorporates backing up records as you’ll need to totally begin over again once the new drive is set up. The documents that should be sponsored up are games spares and any video cuts or screen captures you wish to keep. You can do the previous in a few different ways. On the off chance that you are a PlayStation Plus part you can transfer the entirety of your spare documents to the cloud, prepared to download again when you’re set. Truth be told, in the event that you had just set this up to happen naturally you needn’t trouble yourself with this piece of the procedure once more. On the off chance that you haven’t and have a reasonable hardly any games, this can take some time.


POCKET-LINThow to update your ps4 hard drive to 4tb or more picture 5

On the off chance that you aren’t a PlayStation Plus part or wish to keep a progressively nearby duplicate of your spares, you will require a USB memory stick or (amusingly) an outside hard drive arranged to FAT, FAT32 or exFAT standard to store information on. Fitting it into the PS4 through one of the front USB ports and prepare for a relentless procedure.

Head to Settings, Application Saved Data Management, Saved Data in System Storage and you’ll see Copy to USB Storage Device. Go into that menu and you’ll see a rundown of every one of your games. Enter every one separately and you can tick the documents you need to duplicate and affirm. The documents will immediately be replicated onto the outside drive (or transferred to the cloud in the event that you experience that course).

POCKET-LINThow to redesign your ps4 hard drive to 4tb or more picture 29

Additionally make sure to back up your caught recordings and screengrabs from the Capture Gallery area of System Storage Management. What’s more, when you have you’re prepared to introduce the new drive.

Introducing the drive

Ensure you totally shut down your PS4, not simply into rest mode, and afterward unplug it from any of the wires at the back. Put the reassure on a level surface and afterward slide off the hard drive packaging. It shouldn’t be hard to do yet varies in area from the first PS4, most recent PS4 and PS4 Pro.

POCKET-LINTHow To Upgrade Your Ps4 Hard Drive To 4tb Or More picture 1

Inside you’ll access the hard drive walled in area, which is fixed set up with only one huge screw with the PlayStation images on it. Undue that with a Phillips screwdriver and you can slide out the current drive utilizing the little handle.

POCKET-LINThow to update your ps4 hard drive to 4tb or more picture 11

Unscrew the four dark screws, two either side of the hard drive fenced in area – leaving the elastic holders set up. At that point expel the drive that accompanied the PS4.

POCKET-LINThow to redesign your ps4 hard drive to 4tb or more picture 16

Supplant it with the new drive and screw the dark fastens back spot.

POCKET-LINThow to redesign your ps4 hard drive to 4tb or more picture 18

Slide the crash once again into the reassure until it senses that it has appended appropriately and screw it set up utilizing the huge PlayStation screw.

Clasp the top or fold once again into the right spot and that piece of the activity is finished.

Reinstalling the framework programming

As the reassure now has a fresh out of the box new drive with none of the framework programming introduced, you’ll have to reinstall it physically. You’ll certainly require an outer USB drive (or memory stick) on at any rate 1GB in limit with respect to this piece of the set-up, regardless of whether you put away the entirety of your spared games in the cloud.

POCKET-LINThow to redesign your ps4 hard drive to 4tb or more picture 21

Make an organizer called “PS4” on the drive utilizing a PC, at that point an envelope inside that called “UPDATE”. You at that point need to download the most recent framework programming record from Sony and be careful about after certain connections on the PlayStation website as they can send you to prior variants that won’t work (you’ll simply get a blunder message when attempting to introduce).

The most recent framework programming (at the hour of composing) is variant 7.51 which we discovered here at It will be around 1GB to download yet is the finished programming, not only an update. In the event that the document is a lot littler it’s an inappropriate one and won’t work.

Move the downloaded record (named PS4UPDATE.PUP) to the UPDATE organizer on the drive and you’re prepared to introduce it on the comfort.

POCKET-LINThow to redesign your ps4 hard drive to 4tb or more picture 23

Reattach the entirety of the leads into the back of the PS4, plug your USB crash into the front and connect a DualShock 4 controller by means of its own USB link. At that point press the on switch on the facade of the machine for seven seconds or more. This will boot up the reassure into Safe Mode and give you a few alternatives. Pick “Initialise PS4 (Reinstall System Software)” and the PS4 will discover the update (if the right one) and introduce it. It just takes around five minutes altogether and afterward your PS4 will reboot and fire up as though it has quite recently been unpacked and set up for the absolute first time.


Obviously, you’ll at that point need to reinstall everything again and sign into your PlayStation Network profile, however in any event you’ll have considerably more extra room than when you began.

POCKET-LINThow to overhaul your ps4 hard drive to 4tb or more picture 32

As we decided on a 5400RPM drive a lot of like the one that accompanied the machine in any case we’ve not so much saw a very remarkable exhibition overhaul on the inside drive.

We weren’t focusing on speed however (for that you can decide on a 7200RPM drive rather in case you’re willing to sprinkle somewhat more money) and simply having that additional extra room is having a major effect to our gaming lives.

In case we’re being straightforward, you’re best encouraged to go down the outer drive course, taking into account that is dead basic and rela

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