WWE SummerSlam 2019: Could Drew McIntyre versus The Undertaker really occur?

At Extreme Rules, The Undertaker put in his best execution in years, so would he be able to have a major WWE SummerSlam 2019 match against Drew McIntyre?

The Undertaker made his arrival to wrestling this year in a fairly huge limit, as he’s been a key piece of a storyline this late spring including Shane McMahon’s inner self trek. At Extreme Rules, Taker collaborated with Roman Reigns to take on McMahon and Drew McIntyre, with the last pair accepting a key help from the ill bred Elias, who has constantly made his disdain for The Undertaker clear, during the match.

In spite of the fact that fans didn’t have high trusts in this No Holds Barred label match going into the show, the match itself ended up being very engaging. What’s more, The Undertaker merits a lot of credit for that, as this was his best execution in a long time. Taker looked spry, moving around the ring great and sharing in some insane spots, including Shane’s elbow to the declare table and the Coast to Coast. He likewise hit a Tombstone on Shane to get the triumph for his group.

It was a return execution from The Undertaker, who got “You Still Got It” drones from the Philadelphia reliable, and he got an incredible applause from the group of spectators after the match when he had a minute to himself. Following the triumph, Michael Cole asked what number of more matches Undertaker would have in WWE.

Might one be able to of those matches happen at WWE SummerSlam 2019? Furthermore, might it be able to occur against Drew McIntyre? Free wrestling journalist Tom Colohue answered preceding Sunday’s match that McIntyre, Taker, and even Vince McMahon are all ready.

This year offered us the first WrestleMania since 2000 in which The Undertaker did not contend, so it would fit for him to wrestle at WWE’s second-greatest demonstration of the year in Toronto to compensate for it. Moreover, The Undertaker is putting his best self forward the present moment and after his exhibition at Extreme Rules, the inquiries of whether he could hold up in the ring with McIntyre have been dissipated; he and McIntyre appeared to have incredible science in the ring.

McIntyre is a future Universal Champion, however he’s lost some force this late spring because of this apparently heedless program with Shane McMahon has his unruly accomplice. A major match against The Undertaker at SummerSlam could do ponders for McIntyre, in light of the fact that, win or lose, locking horns with a living legend isn’t something numerous WWE Superstars can brag.

The Undertaker has a couple of other conceivable dream rivals, for example, Aleister Black, yet McIntyre is progressively settled and conveys more name esteem. That makes it unquestionably more probable for the McIntyre versus Funeral director hypothesis to happen as expected, and it appears as though there isn’t another match that would bode well. Another Shane versus Taker match isn’t fascinating and appears to be excessively unsafe. Elias versus Taker? Maybe, yet McIntyre would be a greater and better adversary, particularly when taking a gander at the potential in-ring quality.

There’s little uncertainty that Taker dazzled at Extreme Rules, surpassing our insignificant desires. In spite of a woeful execution with Goldberg in Saudi Arabia, The Undertaker has demonstrated that he has something left in the tank, particularly when contending with better star wrestlers than Goldberg. McIntyre is truly outstanding in the business, as any individual who watched his NXT Championship rule – or take a shot at the autonomous scene before his second stretch in WWE – can verify.

Prior to Extreme Rules, I would’ve had zero enthusiasm for McIntyre versus Taker. Be that as it may, presently? Consider me interested by this conceivable matchup between one current titan and one titan of the past. The shot of McIntyre endeavoring to go for the last blow on The Undertaker, a Claymore Kick, just to be caught by Reigns is still in my mind, similar to McIntyre’s dissatisfaction subsequent to watching Undertaker stick his label group accomplice.

There’s incomplete business here on McIntyre’s end, and he is one of the bunch of wrestlers who could profit the most from a program with The Phenom. Also, in addition, there’s a story here that should be wrapped up; SummerSlam could be the ideal setting for a conclusion.


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