England, France and Germany: Clear Iran was in charge of assault on Saudi Oil offices – Joint Statement

In late detailing, a joint explanation has been made between British, French and German representatives which have expressed that it is clear Iran was in charge of the assault on Saudi oil offices.

This pursues yesterday’s statment by UK’s Primeminster who also was censuring Iran for assaults on key oil offices in Saudi Arabia. Iran’s remote priest, Mohammad Javad Zarif, denied any part in the assaults and said Yemen’s Houthi rebels, who asserted obligation, “have each motivation to fight back” for the Saudi-drove alliance’s flying assaults on their nation – Pointing to cases of duty by Yemeni agitators and stated: “If Iran were behind this assault, nothing would have been left of this treatment facility.”

In the mean time UK’s PM, Johnson, who is in the US this week, said he would “be working with our American companions and our European companions” to diminish Middle East strains.


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